Picture Wednesday- Purses!

Fact: I have never made myself a new purse. I have made a purse, I have made a mini coin purse, I have neve yet made myself a new purse to replace the crappy first purse I made which is now about 12 yers old.


Please excuse the screaming yellow background, why I thought that was a good idea 12 years ago I don’t know!
The base of the purse is green cotton drill, the blue fabric is linen cotton embroided in fake silk thread. The best thing about this is the cotton tassels I made! I neer even hemmed the top of the embroidery. I use this now as my ‘toilet paper pouch’ (it fits a roll perfectly for privy runs) and carry my tiny little coin purse in my hand on the rare occasion I get to the market.
So now it is time for a new purse, from fancy fabric and possible a purse frame.

I want one I can hang under my gown as in this image.

Does anyone have a favourite purse design?




One thought on “Picture Wednesday- Purses!

  1. Do you have Purses In Pieces? Fantastic book, I thoroughly recommend it. But, it won’t help with fabric purses, only leather ones, sorry. 😦


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