A 15th Century Coif

I made this as an entry to the Historical Sew Fortnightly

I encourage you follow the link to the pattern as the blog posts includes many reference pictures of this coif style.


Challenge #1 2016: Procrastination


What the item is: a 15th century coif

Challenge: Procrastination. I’ve been meaning on making one of these for at least ten years. I’ve been wanting to make this specific pattern for about two, but have been putting it off as it didn’t suit my old living history group’s period. When I changed groups in August last year I decided to make this, and one day when I should have been doing housework I finally did!

Materials: Linen, cotton thread

Pattern: is from here: Seven Star Wheen’s 15th century white hood or coif

Year: mid-late 15th century

Notions: None

How historically accurate is it? Accurate enough to be fit for purpose. Fabric is 100% linen, which it would have been in period however it is just modern commercial linen, thread should have been linen but I use cotton quilting thread which is a bit thicker than normal sewing thread but unlike quality linen thread can be bought at any fabric store on a big real rather than having to order it online. Pattern is theoretical but looks right. It is 100% handsewn using stiches which were in use in the 15th century

Hours to complete: About 5

First worn: Unless on my head as a test in the mirror counts, never. This will be worn in this year’s reenactment season which doesn’t start until May, so in a way this is an UN-procrastination project too! In the photo this is pictured over a hat box because taking a photo on my own had was awkward.

Total cost: Free, because I had the linen left over from making my Camicia last year (another procrastination project, it waited about 7 or 8 year to be made!). $10 if I’d had to buy the materials for it.


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